Jioukou setting guide


This post is the guide for Jioukou setting with detail explanation.


Jioukou will create a page on the online store automatically. This page is to let the customer buy with friends.

Once you added. You can go to the Online store –> Page. You will see the page called “group-buy” was created then this step is finished.


When a customer views their group buying page, they will find the group buying section will replace the whole page.

Merchants can show the group buying section with store header and footer to make the group buying page looks better. Here is the step

  1. Click the “Advance setting”
  2. Enter the tag type and tag name of the HTML element you want to insert the group buying section.
  3. Click save

This will need some HTML basic. If you need further support, welcome to contact us.

Email Sender

Send email to customers with your own email address for the Jioukou notification

  1. Enter email to the following field(It will be the sender) and click the right button
  2. You will get a verification email which title is “Amazon Web Services” sending from “[email protected]
  3. Open the email and click the URL to finish verify
  4. Finish! Jioukou email verification will send with your email address.


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