Jioukou Released Note #20190923


On 2019.09.23 we released a new version of Jioukou. In this released, customer can create group without login, cancel auto refund flow and update some UI and UX.

Quick view for this  version

1.The merchant decides if the refund or not

We found that many merchants want to make a deal even the group doesn’t reach the required quantity. Thus we cancel the auto refund flow in Jioukou and let you decide to refund or not. If you want to refund a group. You can go to the group detail page and visit each orders’ page to refund it.

2.Email notification for group

Sometimes the merchants need to contact the group’s customers such as the shipment was finished, the payment was refunded… etc. You can use the email tool in the group detail page, sending a customizable email to the customers in the group within clicks.

3.Manage product with pagination

We found that some merchants have lots of products on the store. It’s hard to manage without pagination. Now you can have an easy way to manage your product on Jioukou.

4. Other stuff

▪︎ Add Jioukou statistic
We some statistic in Jioukou app. Let you know more about the performance. The net sales are calculated by the total amount from all groups.

▪︎ Able to enter a float in group buying discount
Enter the float number such as 9.9.

▪︎ No empty group
In the previous version, if the customer doesn’t finish payment the group is still created. It will cause lots of empty groups and hard to track.  Now customers must finish the payment to get a group buying offer.

5. Group buying without login

Last but not least!

The login process will stop the new coming customers and decrease the customers’ motivation for buying. The group buying button is free from login and register. Customers(No matter new or existing) can group buying directly without login

Thanks for reading. If you have any feedback welcome to leave a message on our Facebook group!


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