Get started with Jioukou


Welcome to JIoukou and thanks for your install. In this doc, we will guide you on how using Jioukou to grow your business. If you are a newbie of Jioukou, we highly suggest you read and follow this doc.

The outline of this doc:

1. Required setting

2. Group buying button

3. Management

Required Settings

Go to “Setting”. And enable the following:

1. Pages
Let customers can view own group buying website on your store.

2. ScriptTag
To show the group buying button on the product page.

3. Email
Let you can send group-buying email notification with your own email

To know more about setting detail, please check here.

Group buying button

To show the group buying button on the product page. You need

1. Choose the product for group buying

2. Mark the product available on Online store and Jioukou

3. Create the group buying rule for each product

Once you finish, click the view button then it will open the product page and you can see the group buying button on it.


Once you set the group buying rule for the product. The button will show on the product page. You can create a collection to show the products which provides the group buying discount.

To see the progress of each group. You can go to the “Manage groups”

1. Click the eye icon can view the group buying page

2. Click the arrow right icon can view the orders in the group

Group has three status:

  • Going
    Group doesn’t end. Everyone can join the group
  • Success
    Group end and the bought quantity is over or equal to the minimum quantity
  • Unsuccess
    Group end and the bought quantity is less than the minimum quantity

If the group is unsuccess you can decide to if refund it or not. You can click the order to redirect to order page in Shopify and finish the refund work.

Besides, you can use the email tool to send the customized notification to the customers in this group.


This part is not required but it will make the group buying button better. You might need some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to work with this part. If you need help, welcome to contact us.

How to set the group buying button in a certain position?

The button will show on the product page’s right button corner by default. If you want to show the button to a certain position, please follow these steps.

1. Copy this HTML element. The button will render in this element automatically. Of course, you can add some CSS with style attributes.

<div id="jioukou-group-buy-button-container"></div>

2. Paste it to the product-template.liquid

  • Go to themes
  • Click edit code
  • Find the file product-template.liquid (In Sections folder)
  • Paste the HTML from step 1 into product-template.liquid

How to enhance loading speed of the button?

1. Copy the following 3 line codes

<!-- Load Jioukou start -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- Load Jioukou end -->

2. Paste it into product.liquid. At the top of the file


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